AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Avatar2websmallCodarra developed the AVATAR as a private-venture R&D project to extend our in-house surveillance and image capture capability. Codarra perceived the need for real-time, geographically-referenced imagery to be available to small ground patrols, and subsequently developed the AVATAR user-requirement, design and solution.




The AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was designed to provide short range 'over-the-hill' or 'around-the-corner' reconnaissance. Images were to be transmitted to ground forces in real-time to aid tactical planning and decision-making.

The standard payload consisted of a hi-resolution digital camera that provided a real-time video downlink. Other sensors could be added to the aircraft to meet specific mission requirements.

AVATAR was able to be broken down into small transportable sections that were carried in back-packs or 'Pelican'™ cases.

The AVATAR UAV is all-electric, for reduced acoustic signature and safe operation, with no need to store or handle messy fuels. AVATAR was fully re-usable and rechargeable.

AVATAR is no longer available, but is representative of Codarra's R&D and niche solutions abilities.

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