Electrical Loads Analysis (ELA)

  • Analyse your platform's electrical load requirements and generation capacity
  • Model electrical systems with drag and drop circuit component entry
  • Identify and report on any imbalance of electrical loads across any number of phases
  • Build a database that lets you maintain a history of electrical load designs.

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AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • The AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was designed to provide short range 'over-the-hill' or 'around-the-corner' reconnaissance. Images were to be transmitted to ground forces in real-time to aid tactical planning and decision-making.
  • The standard payload consisted of a hi-resolution digital camera that provided a real-time video downlink. Other sensors could be added to the aircraft to meet specific mission requirements.
  • AVATAR was able to be broken down into small transportable sections that were carried in back-packs or 'Pelican'™ cases.

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SILVERBACK Unmanned Ground Vehicle

  • SILVERBACK possesses video surveillance and audio communications that combines with its manipulator arm to distinguish it from other passive surveillance platforms. SILVERBACK can enhance the survivability of personnel by improving their situational awareness, and reducing their exposure to unnecessary risks from land-based threats.
  • The SILVERBACK development path has the flexibility to include user-defined technologies. The current plan includes laser-range finder, deployable sensor devices, motion detectors and high-assurance weapon-control systems.

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